Wednesday, 21 June 2017

♡ Happy Summer/Winter Solstice 2017 ♡

♡ Twin Flame Blessings on this Summer/Winter Solstice ♡
♡ May all your Midsummer Night's Dreams come true ♡


Sunday, 18 June 2017

♡ All is Energy ♡

♡ All is Energy 

Align with Abundance 

♡ Align yourself with the richness of Life ♡ The gifts you receive each day ♡ The gift of Life ♡ Those who you Love ♡ Those who Love you ♡ The small things that enable you to live your Life, appreciating all that you have ♡ Allow yourself to know that you are worthy of receiving abundance in every way ♡ Everything is energy and generates more of the same energy ♡ Your future is aligned with how you feel right now ♡ By feeling whole and complete in Unconditional Love, you will automatically attract more of the same in all ways ♡ Abundance is your birth right and your BEing is your Sustenance ♡ You have the choice of what you focus on ♡ You are in control of how you experience all in your life  Create the energy you wish to experience more of ♡ When we support each other in this way Miracles can happen when we expand in this sacred energy and we can manifest beyond our wildest dreams, exponentially ♡ By being in the flow of energy expansion, we are able to BE more as well as give more ♡ Manifest all from the Heart with Unconditional Love  

 All is Energy 


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

♡ Cosmic Unified Twin Flames in Divine Sacred Love ♡

♡ Cosmic Unified Twin Flames  
♡ in Divine Sacred Love ♡

When the time comes, there will not be two of you any more. 
There is only a shared awareness of the movement of molecules, 
of being yourselves in the body of Source,
of being Source itself. 
Sometime an explosion permeates every atom of your consciousness 
until there is not even one of you any more. 
You have become the universe together 
in the very core of your being.
You rest in serenity, knowing that you are beautiful 
and that your beloved 
is beautiful 
and that all of creation 
is very beautiful  

~ from Maithuna

♡ Merged Starfields of Sacred Love 

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Pleiadian Stars

Pleiadian Stars