Sunday, 10 September 2017

♡ Peaceful Gentle Prayers of Unconditional Love♡

♡ Peaceful Heart Prayers of Unconditional Love ♡

We send gentle compassionate prayers 
to all who have been affected
by the tragic weather and events 
over the past few weeks
on our beautiful Planet Earth 

May All precious beloved Souls
who transcended from this life be at peace  
and may those who lost loved ones
or are still facing difficulty
be surrounded in loving light,
peace and serenity 

We share this prayer and Blessing 
from the Divine Mother Goddess
in the hope that it may
bring comfort at this time
♡ Namaste 

Beautiful Beloved Heart
Allow my sweet tender embrace
To engulf your BEing in pure peaceful surrender
In the stillness feel my gentleness
As I bathe your soul with my endless Light
And fill your heart with my infinite unconditional Love
As you rest within mine arms
I  bless your BEing with boundless graceful serenity
So you may feel the essence of the beauty that you ARE
And know that you are always Loved
Beyond all comprehension
Held Eternally in my Heart

We are ONE

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

♡ Happy Summer/Winter Solstice 2017 ♡

♡ Twin Flame Blessings on this Summer/Winter Solstice ♡
♡ May all your Midsummer Night's Dreams come true ♡


Sunday, 18 June 2017

♡ All is Energy ♡

♡ All is Energy 

Align with Abundance 

♡ Align yourself with the richness of Life ♡ The gifts you receive each day ♡ The gift of Life ♡ Those who you Love ♡ Those who Love you ♡ The small things that enable you to live your Life, appreciating all that you have ♡ Allow yourself to know that you are worthy of receiving abundance in every way ♡ Everything is energy and generates more of the same energy ♡ Your future is aligned with how you feel right now ♡ By feeling whole and complete in Unconditional Love, you will automatically attract more of the same in all ways ♡ Abundance is your birth right and your BEing is your Sustenance ♡ You have the choice of what you focus on ♡ You are in control of how you experience all in your life  Create the energy you wish to experience more of ♡ When we support each other in this way Miracles can happen when we expand in this sacred energy and we can manifest beyond our wildest dreams, exponentially ♡ By being in the flow of energy expansion, we are able to BE more as well as give more ♡ Manifest all from the Heart with Unconditional Love  

 All is Energy 


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Pleiadian Stars

Pleiadian Stars