Sunday, 6 August 2017

♡ Powerhouse of Energies in August ♡

♡ Powerhouse of Energies in August ♡

7th August - Full moon/Lunar Eclipse
8th August - Lionsgate Stargate
12th & 13th August - Meteor Shower
13th August - Mercury Retrograde
21st  August - New moon/Solar Eclipse

♡ August will certainly be a powerhouse of energies - and though it may seem intimidating, you can surf the waves of this energies to your advantage!

We invite you to join with us in spirit, wherever you are, aligning to work with your crystals on these sacred dates, starting with the full moon tomorrow and culminating at the Solar eclipse:

1) 7th August – Cleanse then charge some of your chosen crystals in the full moon in the feminine energy, and partial Lunar eclipse.

2) 8th August - Leave your crystals charging into the morning sunlight (from the previous night), to balance with the masculine Fire energy of Leo and the Lionsgate Stargate which amplify the energies, then put your crystals away after a few hours of sunlight).

For more on the Lunar eclipse, see this link:

3) The 12th & 13th August - This brings the blessing of a Meteor Shower and we say 'blessing' because, although it may appear to just be another celestial event, when you look deeper into this in a metaphysical way, it can expose that which you fear in your life, so it brings an opportunity to do just that.

The yearly appearance of the Perseids remind us that we must not be blinded by our fears. Neither however can we ignore the horrors that occur in the world. As the Perseids meteors seem to dance along the blade of Perseus’ sword, we are shown that sometimes it is necessary to confront our fears for they can become our greatest strengths.

4) The 13th August will see us fully into Mercury Retrograde and so please see our article on Coping with Energies here:

Take the opportunity during this time to renew, release, relax, rejuvenate and readjust allowing your soul to rest and be gentle with yourself.  This is not the time to start anything new but to realign with what you may have already started and reconnect with that or simply BE, allowing this time to pass and taking the opportunity to give yourself a break from the intensity of life.

5) As the New Moon and Solar Eclipse come along on 21st August it is time to take out your crystals once again and this time when you charge them in the new moon and the solar eclipse, beforehand write and intention of that which you wish to programme them with and place this note under your crystals.  

Then after the new moon and the solar eclipse, place your crystals back in the pouch until Mercury Retrograde has passed (5th September or even  better 19th September after the shadow phase has passed) then you will have potently charged crystals with the divine masculine and feminine energies of the moon and the sun and you can use the energies to apply to your new venture or intention.

(As a suggestion, when writing an intention or wish it is nice write something for yourself personally, create something together if you are doing this work as a couple, and an intention for the planet – all stated for the highest good of all, of course.)

For more on the Solar eclipse, see this link:

6) Finally, join us for our Facebook live event on 21st August for the Solar eclipse! 
Facebook event link here:
 Facebook Event

Have fun with this and be creative and if the energies are challenging just stay grounded and go back to basics: get plenty of rest, eat nutritiously, take gentle exercise and stretch and take heed ~ that we are all in this together!  

 Much love & light Lawrence & Elaraia  

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

♡ Happy Summer/Winter Solstice 2017 ♡

♡ Twin Flame Blessings on this Summer/Winter Solstice ♡
♡ May all your Midsummer Night's Dreams come true ♡


Sunday, 18 June 2017

♡ All is Energy ♡

♡ All is Energy 

Align with Abundance 

♡ Align yourself with the richness of Life ♡ The gifts you receive each day ♡ The gift of Life ♡ Those who you Love ♡ Those who Love you ♡ The small things that enable you to live your Life, appreciating all that you have ♡ Allow yourself to know that you are worthy of receiving abundance in every way ♡ Everything is energy and generates more of the same energy ♡ Your future is aligned with how you feel right now ♡ By feeling whole and complete in Unconditional Love, you will automatically attract more of the same in all ways ♡ Abundance is your birth right and your BEing is your Sustenance ♡ You have the choice of what you focus on ♡ You are in control of how you experience all in your life  Create the energy you wish to experience more of ♡ When we support each other in this way Miracles can happen when we expand in this sacred energy and we can manifest beyond our wildest dreams, exponentially ♡ By being in the flow of energy expansion, we are able to BE more as well as give more ♡ Manifest all from the Heart with Unconditional Love  

 All is Energy 


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Pleiadian Stars

Pleiadian Stars