Saturday, 11 November 2017

♡ Sacred 11:11 Blessings of Love & Light ♡

♡ Sacred 11:11 Twin Flame Blessings of Love & Light ♡

♡ Sacred 11/11/11 Memories  

On 11 November 2011 my Beloved Lawrence and I were so blessed to be in Maui, Hawaii and went to the Sacred Garden  <3 It was one of those rare moments in time that you know you will never ever forget <3 We walked the Large Divine Labyrinth together, just the two of us <3 and spent some time in the Jesus Garden, Buddha Garden and Mother Shrine Room in contemplation of the beauty of Life <3 It was deeply moving and so special to us <3 Here are a few images from our Sacred day <3 If you are ever in Maui, please do visit this special place, it is a treasure trove of divine beauty and one of the most peaceful places we have ever encountered <3 <3 <3 Namaste

♡ Here we share some of our pictures and memories 
♡ of our sacred day on 11/11/11 

at the entrance to the Sacred Garden
Sacred Garden location

In the Buddha Garden

The Large Labyrinth

In the centre after walking the Labyrinth

The Jesus Garden

In the Mother Shrine

The beautiful Quan Yin statue
 this statue got lost in the 2013 floods sadly, and we do not think it ever was found  

Dish Gardens

Dry Rock Gardens
These would later inspire us to build our own

Having a little fun in the Sacred Garden 
There were tubes of bubbles around and I couldn't resist... ;) 

Videos of the Sacred Garden

One of our favourite photos on a night out in Sacred Hawaii
with "twin flames" above our heads ;)

 Just before a divine night out in Sacred Hawaii <3 these were real flower leis that have an amazing fragrance from the Plumeria tree frangipani <3 It smelt like heaven! <3 these flower leis also have an amazing story to be told with them and one we will share soon.... <3 <3 <3 

Happy 11:11 to you all

Sunday, 10 September 2017

♡ Peaceful Gentle Prayers of Unconditional Love♡

♡ Peaceful Heart Prayers of Unconditional Love ♡

We send gentle compassionate prayers 
to all who have been affected
by the tragic weather and events 
over the past few weeks
on our beautiful Planet Earth 

May All precious beloved Souls
who transcended from this life be at peace  
and may those who lost loved ones
or are still facing difficulty
be surrounded in loving light,
peace and serenity 

We share this prayer and Blessing 
from the Divine Mother Goddess
in the hope that it may
bring comfort at this time
♡ Namaste 

Beautiful Beloved Heart
Allow my sweet tender embrace
To engulf your BEing in pure peaceful surrender
In the stillness feel my gentleness
As I bathe your soul with my endless Light
And fill your heart with my infinite unconditional Love
As you rest within mine arms
I  bless your BEing with boundless graceful serenity
So you may feel the essence of the beauty that you ARE
And know that you are always Loved
Beyond all comprehension
Held Eternally in my Heart

We are ONE

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

♡ Happy Summer/Winter Solstice 2017 ♡

♡ Twin Flame Blessings on this Summer/Winter Solstice ♡
♡ May all your Midsummer Night's Dreams come true ♡


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